Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Natalie's Birthday

I think this is the first birthday part of Natalie's that we've had at home and got to decorate for besides her first birthday.

She loooves unicorns now so we had a unicorn party for her.

It was a little bit of a bummer of a party because lots of people were sick and also the weather was terrible that day... so we had a bunch of people who weren't able to come.  But it was still a fun day and she didn't mind.  I was actually sick too sit was kind of nice to have it be a little calmer and less crowded.  I was looking forward to seeing everyone, but I guess that's one good thing about having your birthday around Christmas time.  We got to see everyone soon after her party day anyway...

I guess I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few:

I was really determined to make her a unicorn cake because I've been seeing them alllll over instagram and I am in love with them all.  I have never really used fondant before so I didn't know what to expect.  It was a little harder than I thought but I figured it out enough to get a cake out of it.  I was going to draw eyes on it but figured I better stop before I ruined it.  I also wanted to paint the horn with some silver metallic dust that I bought and then totally forgot about it.... Maybe next time.  Claire now says she wants a unicorn party for her next birthday... of course.

Unicorn horn ice cream cone cupcakes.  I really wanted mini ice cream cones for these cupcakes but I couldn't find any.  They would have looked cuter with small ones, but oh well.  Still cute.  And apparently delicious according to Michael.

Birthday + Christmas decorations... It works.

I got these Unicorn balloon kits from Land of Nod when they were on sale that were fun to make. 

Unicorn straws from Target.

 Napkins from Target.  Plates and letter balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu.

My 5 year old with her awesome Unicorn balloon.

I love this girl.  So proud to be her mom... It's ridiculous.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Costumes

Both girls wanted to be fairy princesses this year.  I think Claire would have changed her mind to be whatever Natalie wanted though.  Last year they were both dinosaurs because Claire wanted to be whatever Natalie was, and this year went the same way.

I kept going back and forth trying to decide if/how I wanted to make their skirts.  I finally found a tutorial online that I thought I could do and I like this look of this better than just tying the tulle onto a waist band like I've seen so many times.

This is the tutorial I used, and then I hot glued flowers onto the tulle.  This is how their skirts came out:

I made their wings out of clothes hangers, tights and battery operated lights off of Amazon.  I grabbed some of their white tights that they never use and cut them up to cover the wires, and then decorated them with glue and glitter.  I stuck a giant flower in the middle to hide where I attached the battery pack for the lights.

They got to wear their costumes 3 different times and they looked different every time :)  The first time they didn't wear their skits, but they still looked ADORABLE in their dresses from Old Navy... They wore those pink dresses underneath their skirts every time but I think it was a stinking cute costume with just the dress.

The next time they got to wear them they were worn with their complete costume.

And then finally on their actual night to trick or treat we had to add sweaters because it was freezing, and they decided they didn't want their headbands...

Oh, and Claire wanted socks... and capris...

These are their fairy poses.

Now Levi's costume!!! I've been waiting and waiting to make one of my children be Harry Potter for Halloween.  I can't believe I didn't make one of the girls do it actually... I guess I was saving it for the perfect little boy to do it for me.

He HATED those glasses and I don't blame him, but... does it get any cuter than this??? I think not.

I made his scarf, tie, Hedwig and the envelope.  I guess I kind of made his robe.  I took one of the Natalie's black shirts that had some white paint on the front and cut it down the middle, then made a hood out of some jersey knit fabric and just sewed it on.  It worked out pretty well and I wasn't real concerned with it looking like a real Harry Potter robe so I was happy with it.

I don't have a better picture of Hedwig I don't think.  He wasn't the most attractive owl, but again it worked.  I sewed a loop of elastic to the bottom of the envelope so Levi is kind of wearing it like a bracelet.

His grey sweater is from H&M.  I got his white collared shirt at a consigment store.  His pants are just normal black baby pants from some store I can't remember and his little black shoes are from Old Navy.

The glasses came from Amazon and I popped the lenses out.

I guess you can see Hedwig pretty well in this picture.  Sorry Hedwig...

Cutest Harry Potter of all time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Claire's Birthday

A little late, but here are some pictures from Claire's 3rd birthday party!

I love love love this little goofball.  She's the cutest, sweetest little thing and everyone she meets is her new best friend.  I envy that about her :) She is such a little chatterbox and she says the most hilarious things.  She mispronounces the cutest words and has such a funny way of talking.  I love it because Natalie has always spoken so clearly and enunciates so well... and Claire sounds how a 2-3 year old should sound :)  

My favorite mispronunciation might be how she says ''Bassert'' instead of ''Dessert''.  Cutest.kid.ever.

I could keep her this age forever.

 Levi is modeling one of her presents.

She stuck her lip right on the candle.

I just love her so much.  You'll never meet a bigger sweetheart.  She is also little miss attitude when she wants to be, but aren't we all? :)

Happy 3rd birthday little Claire Bear!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One year later...

I'm alive!

It's been almost exactly one year since I wrote in here...  Just a few things have changed since then.

Michael got a new job.  We moved to a new town (the town we moved away from 5 years ago actually).  We bought a new house.  Oh, and we had another baby...  A boy.  


We have three kids.  Life is crazy.  

I am pretty positive my last post was the day I found out I was pregnant with Levi actually.  I'm amazed I could even focus on writing anything.  I was just a little bit surprised by the whole thing... :)

We've been in our house for over 8 months already but I feel like we just got here.  Maybe because we're finally just starting to get things the way we want them.  Getting closer at least.

I miss the cuteness of our old house so much, but this feels like home.  The girls don't even remember living there already which is a little sad, but good I guess.

We were kind of rushed into picking a house, which I might just be bitter about for the next 20 years or so but what are you gonna do? ;)  This wouldn't have been my first choice if we had had more time to look, but that's alright I guess.  We have a house to live in and we're all happy and healthy so I'm good.

The people who lived here before us had some seriously questionable taste though.  The outside of the house is yellow with black shutters... the basement was bright yellow with black trim.  The main floor was a mustardy yellow and two different shades of green?  The bedrooms upstairs were navy, green and grey.  The basement bedroom is green with black trim.  Our master bathroom was a yellowy orange.  Two of the other bathrooms were an orangeish brown.  The basement bathroom is a little bit of a disaster.  The kitchen cabinets, backsplash and counters all clash terribly and it hurts my eyes to look at it every single day. I just don't even know...

It was not attractive.  At all.  

But as of a couple of weeks ago I've painted over every single wall in this house that needed painting.  Which was basically all of them.  I've also painted all of the woodwork. I did not paint our bedroom because it is grey and I like it well enough that I won't be messing with it.  Maybe someday, but not anytime soon. I really don't like painting, so getting all of that done is a pretty big deal.  We also got new carpet upstairs and it feels soooo good and made a huge difference.

Sometimes I feel like we should have more done by now, but considering the fact that I was pregnant when we moved in (and got us unpacked in less than a week, thank you very much) then had a baby and now still trying to figure out how to have three kids... I think we've done pretty good.

Some day soon we'll paint the kitchen cabinets and hopefully get a new backsplash, and then later on a new countertop.  We're also going to put cute new hexagon tiles on the fireplace surround once we actually order the tiles and figure out how to do it.   

I'm already so much happier with this house with all of the painting that got done, but it's so fun to get to choose more and more things to change to make it even better.  I could make a list of everything I still want to do, but it would be very very very long.

 Yesterday I was looking at pictures of the house that Michael took when we had our home inspection done and it looks so different... which makes me happy.  I am excited to see how it looks after we've been here for a bit longer and we stop adding new family members...

I'll post some comparison pictures one of these days once I take them.  Our house would have to be clean first though and that doesn't happen very often.

Levi is the cutest stinking boy.  He's 3 months old now and amazing, but he was not my favorite baby of the 3 for the first 5 or 6 weeks because he was just always fussy.  Now it's a very tough competition.  I'll still give Claire the Easiest Baby award, but they were all pretty great.  He's super happy and talks/screeches/coos all.the.time.  Adorable.

Claire just turned 3 and is so sweet and the biggest chatterbox and will be your best friend 5 minutes after you meet her, but she is also crazzzzzzzzzy.  Like seriously crazy.  Or I'm just crazy because of her.  I don't know which one.  Good thing she's so cute.  

Natalie is 4 1/2 and hilarious/weird and a little smarty pants who TAUGHT HERSELF TO READ 2 months after she turned 4 years old.  That's when we realized she was reading at least and not just memorizing things.  Now she can read absolutely anything you put in front of her... it's so cool.  But she's still Natalie and she's dramatic and can't control her emotions sometimes :)  She also thinks every toy in life belongs to her lately which is super fun.  Then Claire likes to run up and take away the toys that actually ARE hers just to start trouble and then cries when she gets in trouble for it. 

Oh my life. 

But look how cuuuute:

My babies on Mother's Day.  Before all of the painting happened.

 My pretty flower girls!

 I wish I could look this pretty while I'm asleep.

 I love this boy.

 Claire loves him 95% of the time.  If she's already grumpy and if he's anywhere near her she'll say "I don't want Levi to look at me!" and get mad at him and cry hysterically... or something equally ridiculous. 
Love love love. 

Again, on Daddy's birthday.

Happy boy!

Claire's third birthday party with the newly painted walls.

I kinda like these people and this little life of mine.  It's a good one.

Maybe I'll start writing in here more now that I've started again...  I'll try.