Friday, August 14, 2015

Kids Kitchen Makeover

I am pretty excited about this little project.  I've been wanting the girls to have a "real" kitchen for a long time.  I almost got one for Christmas last year and really regretted not getting it, so I finally just bit the bullet and bought it after the price dropped a bit recently.

This was my favorite thing to do as a kid and I have so many memories of playing house in our basement with my dolls and all of our kitchen stuff, so that's probably why I'm as excited about it as I am.  And I try to force the girls to love it as much as I would if I were them :)  

So here it goes.

This is what it looked like before:

I already knew what I wanted to do with it, which helped, so I immediately took out all of the pieces that I knew I was going to want to paint and did that right away.

The only pink piece that I didn't get to paint is the small board to the left of the microwave door.  I actually started taping over each individual button and then decided I just didn't care that much :)  I would have been so frustrated if I had gone through all of that and then the paint bled or something.  So, it stayed pink and it looks alright.  I'd prefer it to be white, but oh well.  If it bothers me enough maybe I'll do something about it, but probably not.  

After all of the pieces were painted and dry, I got to work putting it together.  I started at about 8:30 one night and finished around midnight.  I am positive I could have done it faster but I was taking my time and also used a regular screwdriver for the whole thing... If I had been smarter I would've realized I could have used a drill and saved some serious time and sanity.

Before I show the pictures of the finished kitchen I feel like I need to make an excuse about our ugly basement walls.  They make everything super unphotogenic.  And green.  Not cool. 

But anyways, here it is!  I am pretty happy with it and I'm glad it done so I can stop thinking about it :)  I've been planning it in my head for months and months.  Phew.  Now there's room for some other things in there.  Like how we now have cable again for the first time in years and we still watch the same stuff we were watching before...

Ok, pictures:

I found the small basket at Hobby Lobby and it fit perfectly.  I made the basket liner and the little towel.

 I put one of these lights in the fridge and the oven.  I saw that on another play kitchen redo someone did at some point while I was planning this thing and thought it was such a cute idea.  The fridge light shuts off when you close it, but the oven was a little tricker.  The light turns on when it's shut and when it's open, so for the light to actually stay off the door has to be cracked open slightly.  There's also a switch on it, but I haven't worried about it too much because it stays put when I just leave it open a little bit.  

I love the gold glittery box I found to fit under the microwave too, but it's overflowing with play food... I'm going to have to figure out somewhere else to put some of it.

Kristin made the cookies in the oven, and the donuts on the counter.  And the cute yellow and white apron.

 I used this Rifle Paper Co. gift wrap from Paper Source and I am in LOVE with it.  I want to put it everywhere...

 I put a new picture frame on the fridge for the chalkboard using command strips.  The picture frame that came with it was smaller than what it shows on the website, but I knew I was going to change it anyways so that wasn't a big deal.  But the one that came with it was TINY.  I also put two hooks on the side for aprons or whatever.  I am not a huge fan of those hooks actually, but they work.  I got them at Hobby Lobby and painted them glittery white.

I crocheted the cactus and want to make 500 more.

 Chalkboard slogan courtesy of Natalie... I asked what to write and that's what she told me.  Hilarious.

I made new curtains and used some flags that have been hanging around our house for about a year and a half.  I figured I better make use of a few if I'm going to continue storing a huge pile of them.


I couldn't get a good picture of these chairs to save my life.  But this is the fabric I used and I think it's stinking adorable.  It is definitely more off white in person than it looks in the picture below, but not as off white/yellow as the picture above.  

 The table top is glittery but I can't take any pictures where you can actually tell.  It's not super glittery, but enough to notice in real life.
 Here's what the chairs and table used to look like:

I'm pretty happy with everything!  I really think it turned out cute and they seem to like it so far and I think they will be able to really grow into it.  It better last a while because it exhausted me to get all set up :)  I love doing stuff like this though so I'd do it all over again.