Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eleven Months Old


How has she been in this world for eleven months already??? One month until her birthday.  One stinking month.  Time really needs to slow down.

She finally cooperated with one of my predictions and she is walking!  She does pretty good, but still crawls most of the time.  She was really showing off for her grandpa and grandma last night though and was on her feet most of the evening.  

She has definitely grown some but we won't find out how much until her one year appointment in a month.  At 9 months she was so teeny, but I can definitely tell she has gotten bigger since then so I'm relieved.  She's still tiny and always will be, but I'm glad she has grown more.

She doesn't think she needs to sit still ever, but that's true for all babies at this age.  It doesn't help that her big sister is incredibly hyper lately and is running/hopping/rolling around the house all day long. 

Kristin mentioned something a few months ago about how Claire looks like my dad's mom, and now it's all I see when I look at her.  I can't find a good picture of my grandma to compare her to, but she really does look like her.  I love it.  I'm still obsessed with her being blonde, too.  It's just so fun that she and Natalie look so different :)

Claire loves Natalie so stinking much.  It's adorable.  She wants to be wherever Natalie is, doing whatever she's doing.  I think Natalie enjoys it most of the time too, except when Claire is trying to steal her food/toys.  Not that Natalie doesn't steal things from Claire too.  Then they both get mad.  Good times.   Natalie loves her too though.  They are starting to really play and enjoy each other.  It's the best. 

She is starting to try to talk.  She has little sounds for ''Thank you'', ''Dexter'', and a few others. You wouldn't know she was trying to say those things unless you were around to hear it fifty times a day, but she's getting close :) She can say mama, daddy and ball.  Ball is ''bahh'', but still.  

She is so precious and fun and I am pretty incredibly happy that she's ours.  She has four teeth now and I can't wait for the top teeth to really grow in. One of them is in pretty far but the other is just barely poking through.  So cute though.  It makes me so happy when she smiles big enough to see those little top teeth.  Adorable.

 She was in a swimming class with me all this month and I think she wore a different swim suit to every class.  The perks of having a big sister... and of having a mom who buys swimsuits that don't fit very well.  I got her a super cute suit from Target, but after wearing it twice I realized that it is wayyyy too tight, so it's been retired already.  That has to be a record or something. 

She's just so cute, and she is more and more fun every day... but it's also a little heartbreaking that she's getting older and isn't my tiny little baby anymore.  I will survive I'm sure.  I can't wait to see what she's like as she gets older.  Natalie has been so incredibly fun and I know Claire will be the same.  They are just the best.  I am so grateful I get to be with them all day long every single day. If I ever start to complain just tell me to shut up, because I am so lucky to be here and I love them so so so so so much.

Time to start planning her party and making her birthday slideshow... 

Comparison of the girls: