Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Six Months Old

(I'm a day late again...)

Claire is six months old!!!!!!


This little girl sure is a good one.  HOWEVER, she's kind of lost her "best baby ever" title over the last month and a half.  Only in regards to her sleeping though.  She's still crazy awesome in every other way.  


Actually, the last week of her sleeping has been much better than it was so maybe we're on our way back to "normal".  For a while she was waking up multiple times per night.  She didn't even wake up that often as a newborn for crying out loud.  There is no way she was waking up to eat (but I fed her anyways...), so I am not really sure what the problem was.  It was exhausting.  

For the past week it's only been once per night, and most of those nights it wasn't until 5:00-5:30 and then she'd eat and go back to sleep for a couple more hours.   She didn't even wake up once last night, so "hip hip hooray!" as Natalie would say.  

She's sitting on her own now, but still falls backwards a lot.  She definitely seems to be doing that on purpose though.  If I'm not sitting right by her I keep the boppy behind her most of the time because if she decides she's done sitting she just pushes herself backwards.  Natalie gets really worried when this happens "Oh no!  She fall over!" and then cries about it.  Or fake cries, whatever.  Either way the unnecessary crying is pretty fun... Natalie fake cries about most things in life these days :) She needs another updated blog post I'm pretty sure.  That girl is most definitely a two year old.

Anyways.  Back to Claire.

She's eating baby food like a champ, which is so amazing to me considering Natalie would NEVER eat baby food and still hates to eat.  I'm loving getting to feed a baby baby food.  I get so excited every time she actually shows interest in getting another bite.  It makes me happy.  

She's trying so hard to crawl, but she can only push herself backwards for now.  She gets stuck under things pretty easily and she will just lay there and stare at you until you help her out.  It's pretty cute.  

She is working on some teeth that are bothering her.  She holds her mouth in all sorts of funny positions throughout the day, and she has been a little fussy about it.  Sometimes a lot fussy. She never used to be fussy about anything so it's been interesting having her actually be unhappy.  She hasn't been too bad though really, but they also aren't even close to breaking through so we'll see what happens.  She had her 6 month appointment yesterday and the doctor said they're definitely working their way in though.  


She's babbling and spitting and cooing all the time now and I love it.  Her high chair is right by Natalie at the table and she loves to watch her big sister while we eat.  I always try to get Natalie to make Claire laugh or smile.  If I say "Make Claire laugh" then Natalie does the biggest fakest loudest laugh ever right in Claire's face... real funny, right? :) and if I say "Can you make Claire smile?" She smiles really big at her and says "SMILE CLAIRE!".  Both of those things actually do work though, and Natalie loves it when Claire smiles at her.  I make sure to tell her how much her baby sister loves her when that happens.  They're cute.

She's just a fun little baby, and I love her a ton.  AND she is totally blonde.  I'm insanely excited about that.  I hope it sticks around.  I can't wait to see what she is going to look like as she grows up.  She still definitely does not look like Natalie at all... it's pretty fun that they look so different, but it blows my mind how two kids from the same parents can look nothing alike.  Obviously this happens all the time, but I still think it's funny.

She makes me happy.  I don't rock her to sleep much anymore, but I got to last night.  She was just exhausted and didn't even want to eat before bed so we just rocked.  She was out like a light after about 60 seconds and I just stayed there for a while... She is precious.  I petted her soft baby head and ran my finger down her chubby cheeks and thought about how and Natalie aren't allowed to keep getting older.  Why do they insist on doing that to me?  I'm going to need access to infinite babies in my life.  Not necessarily my own, just babies in general. 

Is it weird of me to say I can't wait to be a grandma?  I think about that at least once every single day, and that's not even an exaggeration.     

It is so crazy to think how fast these past 6 months have gone.  She's the best.  I absolutely cannot wait for her to get a bit older so she and Natalie can really play together and be friends.  It's going to be amazing.  

I love both of those girls so so so so much.  I get so stressed out every single day thinking I'm ruining them both, but man... they're good ones.  We are so blessed to have them.  

Both girls at 6 months old. Natalie actually weighed more at 6 months than Claire does, which I was very surprised to learn.  Even just looking at their feet, Claire's seem so much chunkier!  Weird.  Something about formula fed babies vs. breastfed babies apparently.  Formula fed babies tend to weigh more, but breastfed babies are chubbier until a certain age?  I read something like that... Pretty interesting.  Look at Natalie's little face.  She looks exactly the same... which makes me wonder even more what Claire is going to look like.  I can't wait to find out!

I love them with my entire crazy/stressed out/exhausted/grateful heart.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giant Stuffed Camel

So, I made a camel.

I have had this camel picture pinned on my ''Oh Baby'' board for a while now because it's just adorable:

I wasn't completely obsessing over having a huge camel of my own (yet), but I did think it was pretty extremely amazingly cute. 

Well, I came across it again on Saturday and thought to myself how crazy awesome it was.  So I googled ''Giant camel pattern'' and you know what... Besides finding a pattern on ebay that I was THISCLOSE to buying... I freaking found this amazing blog by a girl who made a giant camel after becoming obsessed with the same camel picture that I was obsessed with.

The super cute camel she made:


AND she posted the exact ebay pattern I almost bought FOR FREE!!! So if you feel like making a camel like this go to her blog and tell her thank you!  I was super excited about it.

So off to Hobby Lobby I went... to buy camel supplies.  I felt a little silly when I got asked what I was making and had to explain it in front of a huge line of people... And then felt about 10 times sillier after the woman who asked the question just said ''Well that's ok'' like she felt sorry for me that my big project was to be making a huge camel.  Psh.  It is ok, thank you very much.

I cut out the pieces Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday I got to sewing.  I finished it on Monday night, besides sewing on two extra legs this morning.  The pattern only called for two, so I originally only sewed two on.  But the girl who posted the pattern made two more because she said it looked goofy without them, and she was right.  It just didn't look normal...  So we've got a four legged camel and I think that's the way it should be.


Natalie saw me working on it, but she got to actually ride it this morning.  She thinks it's pretty fun, which makes me really happy.  I was going to be sad if she couldn't have cared less about it, but she likes it.  If she didn't I would've just left it sitting around anyways because it's hilarious.

She got off and gave it a hug all on her own, so that means she really does like it :)

"Yee haw!"

I'm a little impressed with myself that I didn't totally ruin it... And that I got it done pretty quickly.  I may or may not have put my personal hygiene last on my priority list in order for that to happen, but who cares?  Probably Michael...


We have a camel.  Natalie did say this morning that her/his/its name is Dora.  Then I laughed and said ''Is it's name Dora?'' and she said ''No!''.  So, who knows. 

 It's nameless for now.  Suggestions welcome. 

Where are we going to keep this thing though, honestly?  I should really think before I do things...