Saturday, May 18, 2013

An Update on Natalie's Big Girl Room

Kristin has once again pointed out that my blog is a little too boring for her liking.  So here I am.

The only thing I can think to possibly update on is the status of Natalie's room.  Or just Natalie in general, but we'll go for her room this time since I just took pictures of that mess.

Here is a pile of her bedding waiting to get put on the bed, which will happen later today!  I'm pretty excited about that.

The sheets are from Target.  They also have a ''mint confetti'' version that I almost got, but as you will see in the rest of the pictures there is already a lot of mint going on in this room. More than I really planned on originally.  It just sort of happened, but it will work.  I am hoping to get more of the other colors I had in mind worked in there too once all of the furniture is set up the way I want it.
The comforter is just one we already had laying around here.  I got it from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.  It is for an extra long twin bed, but it will work for now.
The afghan is one I made/finished a few months ago.   

This banner is most likely not staying here, or I'm at least going to re-hang it somehow.  I hate the way I did it the first time, but I haven't felt like taking it down and starting over yet.  I bought the doilies on Etsy.  They are cute.
 The frame in the background leaning against the wall was another Goodwill find/project.  I only painted the parts that are now green.  I liked the gold that was on it, but not the gross old dirty beige color.  Then I bought a piece of pre-cut aluminum at Menards for $5 that was just the right size for this frame and made a little magnet board for her.  She has one in her room now, but I like this one better.

The buffet is one I found at Goodwill. 
Here is a little before and after:
It was not in great shape, but we sanded it, used wood filler on all of the crappy parts, added new molding to the bottom below the doors (only one was broken but we replaced them both so they would match) and painted it.  And... I'm kind of in love. 
I like her little nook with the cushions and curtains I made.  I don't have much of a plan for this area yet, but I want it to be really cute... I'm still thinking.  The IKEA shelf will go in there though.  The curtains are definitely nothing too exciting, but they work.  She already goes and sits on the cushion and looks at books while I sit and stare at her room trying to figure out what to do about the whole situation... Which explains all of the books scattered around the floor.  The random pile of pillows on the floor on the left of the picture have no reason to be in here... they just haven't found a better place to be apparently.

We forgot to buy the bed slats at IKEA, so we had to buy boards for Michael to cut and put in place.  We are also making a headboard for the bed... just an upholstered board. Possibly tufted.  I don't know what color yet... We'll see.

A view from the nook.

Ok well, the mattress showed up before I got this post together, so yay!  I put the bedding on, then realized we were still going to have to make the headboard... so I probably should have waited, but oh well.  It entertained me for about 5 minutes.  And now I can make a better decision about what color I want the headboard to be.

It looks like such a little grandma's guest room at the moment... It might look like that when it's done too, but I think it will get much cuter when more decorations get added.  You can see the magnet board much better in this picture though.  I think it's cute.

The colors of the curtain fabric in real life are kind of a mix between what they look like in the picture above and the picture below.  I realllly like this fabric though.

The IKEA shelf all set up and put in place.  Now I need to figure out the rest of this little area.
OH!  Totally forgot.  I ordered this rug from Urban Outfitters to go in the nook... it will be here on Monday. 
 I'm excited.
Ok, well that's all of the updating I have to do for now.  It's coming together and I'm pretty happy about that, but it's not turning out ANYTHING like I imagined... which is ok, but kind of weird... I just need all of the furniture in place and the room cleaned out and then I can start adding the cuter decorations and accents.  That will be the most fun part for me.
Alright, well this post seriously took like 4 hours, so I need to just be done with it.
Hopefully next time I have an update on her room it will be finished! Woo hoo!