Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planning Natalie's New Room

Is it terrible that one of the things I'm most excited about this baby's arrival has nothing to do with the actual baby?

I am SO excited for Natalie to get a new room!  I feel a little silly calling it a ''Big Girl Room'' since she'll be a whopping 18 months old when she moves up there (hopefully... I'd like to get her used to it for at least a month before this baby comes along).  But, I call it that anyways because it's just fun.

We made her nursery pretty much gender neutral, so I'm kind of excited to give her a girl's room.

Her room now:

I am a little nervous to put her upstairs so far away from us, but I'm positive she'll be just fine.

The whole upstairs has gotten kind of ignored since we've lived here... no real decorating going on, so it will be really fun to FINALLY give it some attention.

Here are some old (really crappy) pictures of that room when it was just our craft/computer room.  My desk is still there, but the computer has been in the basement for months now.

 (how fun is that little nook going to be for a play area?!)

And here is a more recent (but still old) one with the bed in it:

This is looking towards the room right at the top of the stairs.  That dresser is not there anymore, so that little area is where my desk will be.  It will be along the wall you can't see though, to the left of the dresser.  I'm hoping to get a much cuter desk.  I'm already looking for one but no luck so far.

I imagine her crib will go along this wall where the bed is since I don't want her right by the window.

SO yes.  This will make such a cute room and I can't wait to get started!  Her room now will stay exactly the same whether it's a boy or a girl... although I'll get rid of the little bits of pink if it is a boy.  
Here are some rooms I love love love that are giving me ideas for Natalie's new room.

I'm definitely into the whole mint/gold/pink/coral color scheme that's going on, and those were the colors we used for Natalie's 1st birthday party.  I love love love this mint dresser.  We'll be needing one of those, too... along with basically everything else.

 I love the pom pom garland, the pink chair, and the teepee.  Just such a cute, bright and fun room!

She needs a little cozy tent/teepee/anything.  I'm determined.  Just any sort of cozy resting area that isn't her bed, even if it's just a cushion and pillows on the floor with nothing over top of it.

This one is amazing with the twinkle lights and the big comfy cushion.  I am obsessed.

Obsessed with this entire thing.  The little food stand, the tiny table and chair, the pink lamp, the clothes/dress up storage... everything.  Perfect.

I do want her to have something interesting hanging from the ceiling and I like these tassle garlands.  And the colors are fun too.  I saved the mint, pink and gold tassles I made for her party so if I want to use those I've got a little headstart :)

 I so so so so badly want to buy her a cute toddler bed instead of another crib, but unless something changes in the next few months I just don't think she'll be ready for that.  And that's ok, because I like that she is contained in her crib :) Especially now that she'll be upstairs, I'd rather have her in a crib for a while longer.  But toddler beds are soooo cute.

I have kind of an awesome idea on how to make one work, actually... I just need to work on the plans a bit.  If it will actually turn out the way I want I will be pretty ridiculously happy.

This bed... the wallpaper, the rug, the light, the pillows... I want it all.

I have some other ideas of my own that I think will turn out cute, too.  And I know we won't start working on it for a while, but it's too fun to think about.  I just can't wait to start getting it put together!

And I'm pretty excited about getting a new craft desk so I can reorganize all of that.  It needs it pretty badly.

Fun fun stuff.