Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Months Old

(I'm a day late with this, but if you knew what this house has been like this week you'd understand.  And maybe give me a cookie for getting this done at all.)
Claire is 5 months old!  The poor girl had to spend her 5 month birthday sick though.  Vomiting and other issues that I won't go into... but I feel pretty bad for this cute little baby.  She's handling it pretty well though. She is mostly just not very smiley or acting like herself.  She isn't overly fussy which I definitely appreciate considering her old sister is whiny enough for the both of them.  That is true any day of the week, but when Natalie is sick it's apparently FIVE BILLION times worse.  Someone save me.


Claire is rolling now!  Both ways!  I'm excited.  And she's getting really good at sitting up.  She leans way too far forward so she's not quite there yet, but she can sit on her own for a bit before she eventually falls sideways or backwards.  Michael's dad left her sitting on her own on Christmas day and walked away assuming that she can sit up already :) Not that her falling over would've been the worst thing in the world but I had a second of panic before I jumped up to sit behind her.  

Speaking of Christmas, this girl go to celebrate her first Christmas day and it was pretty exciting for me.  I'm not going to lie though, Christmas basically sucked for this little family of mine this year.  Lots of being sick and not enough spending time with family... but I'm still extremely grateful for all of our blessings.  We've got lots and lots and lots of them.
Claire is getting so good at grabbing stuff.  I swear she's a little ninja baby or something.  I'll grab something and not have it within her reach for more than a second before she's got her hands on it.  It cracks me up sometimes how fast she is... 

She is talking and cooing and smiling more and more, and I had her laughing pretty hard earlier this week before this virus got ahold of us all.  I can't get her to do it again of course, but it was absolutely the cutest thing ever.  For some reason she really loves her daddy... don't ask me why.  Kidding, obviously.  But I think the sound of his voice is one of her favorite things which is pretty stinking cute.

I'm getting behind on her baby book, but I'm having so much fun comparing the girls.  Claire was a month behind Natalie on the whole rolling over from back to tummy thing.  I can't wait to see when she sits on her own, crawls, pulls herself up, walks and talks!  I'm a little scared for her to crawl though because she is going to terrorize Natalie.  I'm not sure I'm ready to have to jump up and grab her every time she's close to knocking over whatever Natalie is doing.  Or to console Natalie every 5 seconds because her sister knocked over her toys.  Ay yi yi, it's going to be fun...  I actually think Natalie will think it's really cool when Claire starts crawling and playing more though.  I could be wrong though.  We'll be finding out soon.

They are pretty cute sisters.  I kind of like them just a little bit.  

I REALLY can't wait to see what Claire's hair looks like as she grows up.  Two curly haired girls would be adorable, but I'm sort of hoping it's a little easier to manage.  Claire's hair is going to be lighter I'm pretty sure and she's got me hoping for a little blonde baby so badly :) Cute cute cute.


She's still super happy and an awesome baby, but I think she's ready to be able to do some new things.  I remember Natalie was right around this age when she was just so sick of having to lay down all of the time and she was so happy as soon as she could sit up.  I think Claire is ready for that too.  It will be fun to let her sit and play.

She's pretty awesome and adorable and we love her so much.  

It's probably my favorite thing ever when Natalie talks to her.  They were taking a bath together last night and Natalie was putting toys in her hand and saying ''There you go Claire'' and Claire would actually grab them from her.  It was just cute.  I could've watched it all night probably.  They both love bath time.  

I'm making a prediction that she'll be sitting on her own by 6 months.  If that doesn't happen I'll be very surprised considering she's doing pretty good at it already.  But we'll see!  I'm ready to see what the next month brings.  I think we'll also start cereal very soon and I'm super anxious to see how she'll do with that... Natalie refused to be a normal eater from day one, so I am hoping Claire is a little bit more accepting of food going into her mouth.  I'm guessing she will be.  They are two very different children but I love the crap out of them both so much.

 And here is the monthly comparison of the girls.  Natalie's pictures are always so much better when I go back and look through these!  Poor Claire.  I don't know why that is the way it is, but... oh well I suppose.  

Pretty cute kids if you ask me :)

I like how their arms and legs have the same little creases where their rolls are :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Years Old


I really can't believe it.  There is not one tiny little part of me that can believe that Natalie has been in our life for two entire years.  Thinking back over the past year is just so incredibly crazy.  

She has grown up so much over the last 12 months, it's ridiculous.  Actually, I'm very curious to see how much she has physically grown over the past year when we go to her two year check up on the 30th :) She's such a teeny tiny little thing.  She is still wear some shirts she was wearing last year at this time.  Granted, last year they were a big and this year they are a bit small... but still.

She is so so so much fun.  Some days are a little less fun than others, but overall she is pretty much the coolest kid ever and I can't believe she's ours.  I love everything about her.  Even her crazy emotions and drama queen tendencies.  I can't blame her for that, honestly, she does have me as her mother... I tend to be a little dramatic sometimes.  Just as Michael.

It's so hard to pinpoint all of her milestones now, and I wish I had been keeping up with the monthly updates.  She's been a big talker since she turned 1, but at about 15 months she just took off and never looked back.  She's talking in full sentences now and saying some of the most hilarious things I've ever heard come out of someone that small.

She was angry at how cold she was the other day when we went to the store and as we were walking to the van she screamed "HOT CHOCOLATE! We need to buy some!!".  She has never had hot chocolate in her life (because she is insane and doesn't even like chocolate milk) and the fact that she yelled it angrily like that was just too much for me.  She kills me.  She's just so dang smart and observant, I can't get enough of her.  

She has the best memory ever, and even when you think she's not listening... she is.  So watch out. 

I've given up on her hair situation completely.  She has the prettiest curly hair when it's under control.  But, I'd be spraying it and combing it every 20 minutes if I wanted to keep it that way all day.  She gets some very impressive bed head which you can see in every single one of these pictures of her.  Some days her hair doesn't even get combed because I just can't make myself care enough to deal with it :)   Even when I do comb it all it takes it her rolling around on the couch or floor for 5 minutes and it's messed up. I'm pretty sure this is going to be an issue for a long time though so I'm going to just have to deal with it... and probably start combing her hair every day even if we aren't going to be seeing other people.  She's going to look back at her childhood photos and see herself with a rat's next in every single one.  Woops.  Most of the time that I have to tackle her hair she doesn't even fight me.  She's gotten so good at sitting and waiting for me to get it combed.  Sometimes it gets pulled and she doesn't enjoy that, but she still lets me finish.  I like her.

She also yells at Dexter to be quiet now when he barks.  I'm so proud.

(I know your dream birthday dinner is hot dogs, french fries, fried pickles and cheese...)

She giggles every time Claire touches her, and when Claire cries she goes and does her little mommy voice and says ''It's ok Claire.'' and genuinely seems concerned about her.  My heart explodes.

For a while she was the most polite child on the planet I'm pretty sure, and even said ''Thank you!'' when you were tickling the crap out of her.  You're definitely welcome, kid.

Getting her to say ''Please'' is not as easy because I feel like she thinks she's in trouble when you are asking/reminding her to say it.  So sometimes that ends in her throwing her hands over her face and whining... And those are the times that I want to just throw my hands in the air and walk away before I go crazy :)  Those little freak outs for no good reason are just... too much... But she makes up for them pretty quickly and by the end of the day I have almost forgotten about them.  Almost.

(Birthday pancakes! She ate like 4 bites...)

She's still got major sensory issues that we're working through.  There will be no touching of anything messy, slimey, sticky (not including stickers of course), wet... I definitely admit to not working with her on this stuff as much as I need to, but we're getting there.  She has made some progress, but not a ton.  She's still a really really picky eater, but most of that is because of the sensory issues I'm pretty sure.  She likes noodles, but if they are too soft or if there is too much sauce we're out of luck.  It's fun stuff.  

She'll get there, I'm positive.  If that happened tomorrow I might cry for like 5 hours straight out of pure joy.

 (She had a piece of Christmas candy with dinner... This poor girl always looks like such a mess in pictures :) )

Back to the stickers, though.  She's obsessed.  She used to really like to color, but now she's onto paint and stickers.  Those are her means of creativity :) She loves to build with blocks and make towers out of anything she can, including food.  Mostly diced ham.  It's impressive.

I just really can't say enough about her.  I love her so much.  She's such a little wild woman, but she is so much fun and she really is such an amazing kid.  She has her days and her freak outs, but she is so insanely smart, adorable, a really good listener 95% of the time, hilarious, sweet and about every other word you could think of to describe someone you love more than anything in the world.  I can't imagine life without her, and I have more and more fun with her every single day that passes.  

(Sixlets inside of a birthday ''cake''.  Really it's stacked sugar cookies because she isn't a big fan of cake... she didn't want to eat the cookie tonight either of course, crazy girl.  But the sixlets were a hit!)

She's just the best.  I'm so proud of her for so many reasons.  I hope I'm doing an ok job at being her mom.  Some days I really just want to let her watch Dora for 12 straight hours (I don't do it) and it makes me feel guilty for not doing enough with her.  Some days she exhausts me and I feel horrible for wishing I could just get away from her for a little while.  Every single day I love her so much that it makes me want to cry just thinking about anyone else ever taking care of her other than me.  She is never going to school, by the way.  I'm not letting her leave me.  Ever.  She'll just have to live in our basement with her husband and children some day... or maybe she'll never get married because I'm not letting her go anywhere without me... or maybe she'd never meet anyone anyways if I don't start combing her hair and keeping her clean ;)

Basically she's amazing and I couldn't love her more.  I can't wait to watch her grow up, but I also just want to keep her this age forever.  She is my little buddy and I am so obsessed with her. 

Happy Happy Happy 2nd Birthday, Natalie!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Four Months Old

 Stop stop stop it. 

This girl is too stinking cute and I will not stand for this whole growing up thing.  Natalie will be two next month and I want to keep this little baby little forever so she can't grow up and try to leave me some day.  Natalie isn't allowed either, by the way. 

I seriously can't get over how adorable she is.  She's such a chubby cheeked little sweetheart and she makes me incredibly happy.  

She chews on her hands/fingers all day long lately and it is hilarious.  I keep checking for teeth, but nothing yet thank goodness.  

She CAN roll from her tummy to her back but I haven't seen her do it for over 3 weeks now.  She refuses.  It's kind of ridiculous.  She's getting so so so close to rolling from her back to her tummy now though!  I really thought she was going to do it today.  There were multiple times where I'd sit and hold my breath waiting for her to make it all the way over, but then she'd flop back onto her back.  She's going to get it soon.  Within a week I'm betting.  Hopefully her five month update will have her rolling both ways :) I can't believe she's refusing to roll onto her back now.  What a little bum.

 Look at that little goofy smile.  She randomly opens her mouth all the time into a big grin and It melts my heart.  She also opens her mouth every time I bring her close to my face and it cracks me up.  Seriously, if you see me pulling her up to my face repeatedly, I'm just entertaining myself with her cuteness.  It's the best.

I'm pretty convinced she isn't going to be quite as quick with all of her milestones as Natalie was, which is totally fine with me, it's just a prediction.  She's a little too laid back and content to just be held or lay on her back and chew on her hands.  It was so funny looking through Natalie's 4 month pictures though with her sitting on this chair... She was leaned forward on her hands like she was about to crawl away, and Claire has never done anything even close to that.  I love seeing their differences and similarities.  It really entertains me way more than it should.

I really can't wait until she can sit up.  It will be so much more fun for everyone when she starts to really play with toys and things.

She plays with the toys on her play gym a lot and sometimes she'll lay there kicking her legs like crazy and batting at whatever toys are hanging in front of her and it is pretty hilarious.  She gets going pretty fast sometimes, it kills me.

I seriously just love her.  She's such a great sleeper still.  She sleeps from 8-6 every night.  I am kind of hoping she'll start sleeping a little bit later in the morning, but I'm always up when she wakes up so it does not bother me at all.  Some days she does sleep later.  7 is the latest she's slept since she has stopped waking up in the middle of the night and those days are so awesome.  

Her little fingers are her favorite things in the world I'm pretty convinced.  They are in that mouth nonstop.  I don't know why I find it so adorable, but I really really do.  

 Every once in a while I can see little bits of Natalie in her, but for the most part I still feel like they look nothing alike.  The above picture reminds me a bit of Natalie though...

Here is their 4 month comparison:
I think these pictures are somewhat similar.  They have completely different eyes, nose and mouth... and head shape... :) But I can still see something there that makes them look a teensy bit alike.  No clue what it is though.

I love them both so much, it's unreal.  I am pretty sure we're just going to have infinite babies so I always have a little buddy with me :) Michael said that the other day as well when I was going through their diaper bag and reorganizing it.  He just said it because he thinks it's so fun to have tiny little clothes around, which it is, but I thought that was pretty funny of him to say.  We'll see what happens.  We might be done, we might have like 6 more... Probably not 6, but maybe one :) Some day.  If we're that fortunate.

Anyways.  Claire is amazing and I'm obsessed with my children.  Even on Natalie's crazy days I feel like we are way too lucky to have the kids that we have.  They are incredibly awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed! SO SO SO much to be thankful for. We are extremely blessed in this little life of ours and I'm grateful for it 365 days a year.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Three Months Old

Oh my goodness.  Three months old. 

I know she's still so little, but this is flying by and I'm not ok with it.  I can't stop thinking about all the things that are just around the corner... Sitting on her own, crawling, eating solid foods (hopefully, unless she's like her sister).  It just seems so insane to me that she's getting so close to some of those things.  It also seems like forever ago that she was born.  It's all very confusing for me.  I'm excited to watch her grow up and learn new things, but I also want to keep her like this forever... I don't think this was the case with Natalie.  I was ready for her to start playing with me and talking to me right away.

Claire is still an amazing baby.  She's been sleeping at least 8 hours a night for like 5 weeks now already, and some nights she'll go 10 before she's ready to eat... then she always goes back to sleep for another couple of hours.  She is amazing.

I do feel insanely guilty that she doesn't get the attention Natalie got as a baby, or the attention that Natalie gets now.  But she is just SO GOOD about it.  She very very very rarely gets fussy and it's always easily fixed.  She's either tired, hungry or wants a diaper change.  And as soon as those things are taken care of she's good.  But it still breaks my heart a little bit to look over at her laying by herself on the floor when I'm busy doing something else...  I feel especially bad when that something else I'm busy with is Natalie throwing a fit... poor Claire.

She is not quite as smiley as Natalie was, or nearly as vocal, but I wouldn't change a thing about her.  She's perfect.  I'm seriously obsessed.  She's definitely still a happy girl and gives me lots and lots of smiles during the day.

I think I am soaking in and appreciating this little baby stage so much more this time around.  Or I'm just thinking about it more at least.  Whether it's because I know how fast it goes by, or because now I've also got a crazy/adorable toddler running around and I'm loving that little tiny precious Claire doesn't flip out because she dropped a book that would be extremely easy to just bend over and pick up, but instead she yells ''OH NO!!!!!!'' and totally loses her mind over it.  That just happened about 10 minutes ago if you were wondering.

Probably both of those reasons. Either way, I'm seriously in love with her.  Natalie too of course.  So far she is a little bigger than Natalie was, but not by a ton.  At 2 months she was 9 ounces heavier and .25 inches longer.  The weight part might be a little impressive though considering she was 7 ounces lighter than Natalie at birth.  We'll see how they compare at 4 months!

Claire is still rolling from her tummy to her back, but not the other way yet.  She's getting so good at tummy time and will lay there with her head up for quite a while before she gets tired.  She's cooing a bit more and her little talking noises are my favorite sounds in the whole world.  She is reaching for everything you put in front of her and is getting really good at grabbing onto stuff.  Her favorite toys at the moment are the crawl along snail, Alex Jr. stretchy sandwich toy and this crib and floor mirror.

She really is just an awesome baby.  I have zero complaints. Not even an annoyance.  She's just that good.

I still can't wait to see what she is like when she's older, but for now I am just so incredibly thankful for her at the age she's at.  She's the best. I love love love love this little girl.

She melts my heart every time I look at her.  She's really good to have around if you're not having such a good day.  I'm pretty sure she could cheer anyone up with her preciousness.

I just love both of my girls a whole lot.  They make me pretty happy.

Natalie at 3 months and Claire at 3 months. This will never not be entertaining for me to compare their pictures...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Claire's Baptism


I'm about a week and a half late with this, but I feel like these pictures are just too cute not to post.

We got Claire baptized on September 29th, and it was absolutely precious.  We actually got her baptized almost exactly a year after we did Natalie's.  It was funny to be up there a year later with a toddler and a two month old.  

Claire wore the dress that I was baptized in and I love that we got to use it.  It was lost for a long time and I am so so happy that I found it!  And just in time.  I found it while I was pregnant with her, but totally forgot about it again until about a week before the baptism.  Good timing.

I had to keep handing Natalie fruit snacks in hopes that it would keep her mouth occupied enough so she'd be quiet.  It didn't completely work, but she did alright.  She got a few laughs, and didn't throw a fit so it was a success I'd say.

Claire was a little angel... She slept through the whole thing.  She opened her eyes when they put the water on her head but drifted right back off to sleep.  The pastor commented on it a couple of times, and said he was just going to keep her up there with him.  I don't blame him for wanting to... she's pretty darn cute.

 After they did the baptism, they walked her up and down the aisle as everyone sang "Jesus Loves Me".  I think it's so cute that they do that, and it was even cuter because Natalie was trying to sing along.  I have this disease where my eyes tear up instantly as soon as I start to laugh... or try REALLY hard not to laugh in this instance... So I'm standing up there trying to sing "Jesus Love Me" for my cute little newly baptized baby while holding my cute little 21 month old baby who is hitting about every 5th word to the song and swaying back and forth.  It was just too cute and sweet and funny, my eyes couldn't handle it.  Tears, people.  I could barely see.

(I love her chubby little face in this picture)

When we all put our hands on her and prayed, Natalie reached over and held her hand and it couldn't have made me happier.  It didn't last real long, but it was insanely cute if you ask me.

  I love that baby so much (both of them), it's unreal.  She is seriously the best.  She's so cute and sweet and my heart flutters every time I look at her.  It doesn't get much cornier than that, but it's so true.  She is the biggest sweetheart and I am so so so grateful for her.

 These girls are my favorite.