Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Months


NATALIE IS ONE. One year old.  I have a child who is an entire year old.  Crazy crazy craziness.

I don't think we could love her more if we tried.  She's ridiculous, a huge goofball, the cutest kid alive, and she and her dad are definitely my BFFs. 

We had her party on Saturday, and although I ruined the cupcakes and her little cake (Did you know frosting can melt? It can. Somehow. Michael made 3 trips to the grocery store that morning for various errands and replacement cupcakes was one of them) I think it was a success.  She had fun, at least.  And she even ate a couple of small bites of her cupcake!  And by "bites" I mean I had to break off pieces and hand them to her because she's too fancy to take actual bites out of things... or something like that.

She didn't have any interest in helping me open presents, but she loved the toys once they were out!  She had all of her grandparents there, an aunt, uncle and cousins, and one of my cousins and her boyfriend.  It wasn't a huge party, but that's about as much as our house can handle :) I'm so glad they all came to celebrate with us.  Natalie had a great time being the center of attention!

She got some really cute stuff.  I like to think that the little piano we bought her is her favorite (she is playing with it right now... too cute), but I think she loves them all pretty equally.

She is saying a few more words now, which I'm obsessed with.  I love her little voice.  

Let's see... She says: No, sit, all done, night night, yes, up, uh-oh, hi, bye bye.  Um, what else... She tries to say Dexter.  It starts with a D sound, but that's about as close as she gets.  She says Dada a ton but I'm still not sure she's saying it for Michael so we can't decide if that counts.  She is constantly ''talking'' but those are the only real words I can think of that she's saying.  I think she's doing great though!

She's just too cute and too much fun.  

She's still teeny tiny, but that isn't going to change much :) I can't wait to see her percentages at her one year appointment.  I'm totally expecting about 5% for height and maybe 10% for weight.  She's short and hates food, so... yeah.  (Her mother, on the other hand, is short and will eat until she feels like she might die.)  I can't wait for her to like food some day... Hopefully soon.  

She loves loves loves babies.  Baby dolls, at least.  She hasn't seen many other baby babies in real life, but I can't wait for her to meet her new cousin Colin at Christmas!  It will be adorable to see what she thinks of him.


 I just love her.  I don't know how many other ways I can say it.  She's the best, and I am so insanely happy that she is ours.

I'm a little excited to be done taking these pictures, not gonna lie :) But I love seeing how much she's grown.

Happy First Birthday, Natalie Jolene!