Friday, July 27, 2012

Ikat Vase

I am crazy about vases for some reason... We have way too many of them in our house, including plenty just sitting around in closets not in use.

This was one of those.
Just a plain vase that got spray painted black at some point.

I decided to try something with it the other day.  I wish I had painted this vase white before I started, but black works too.

I decided on making an ikat vase, since lately I've been drooling over all sorts of ikat patterned pillows, bowls, chairs, you name it...

So I started off by just ripping jagged pieces of painters tape.
(most of the strips I used were wider than this, but I used some of the small ones to make the lines even more uneven)

Then taping them on in just a random ikat pattern I made up along the way.

Done taping:

I am not crazy about the color combination going on here, but this pink/maroonish color spray paint was some we had sitting around so that's what I used.

So I spray painted it, and here it is with the paint off!

I definitely like it, but if I had planned this project out better, it would probably not be these colors :)

After I pulled the paint off, I decided to use this paint pen I got at Michaels and draw on another light pink ''line'' in the pattern inside of the black.

Here it is all finished!

(It is a really pale pink, and I did a really light coat, but it almost looks silver in these pictures.  I might do another coat later if I decide I want it to look more pink.)

These next pictures are more accurate as far as the colors go:

(I'm also crazy about fake flowers if you can't tell.  Even the ones that are not even close to being realistic looking... I'm not hard to please)

Not too terrible for a spur of the moment project, right? Maybe?

We'll see how long it lasts there before I get tired of it :)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Video Baby Monitor

We bought a video baby monitor a few months ago, and I swear I could just sit and watch this thing all day.

I liked this one because it just hooks up to our computer, so I keep it running on our laptop.  I can also connect my phone and kindle fire to our laptop, so I as long as the baby monitor program is running I can check on her even if I am away from home!  It's awesome.

Anyways, my favorite thing about it is that you can take pictures with it.  So I have a folder on our computer with  218 pictures in it... I don't know what I will ever need those pictures for, but I just think they are the cutest things ever.

Natalie is awesome about putting herself to sleep.  We very very very rarely have to rock her to sleep, and I love watching her play around in her crib before she finally gives up.

Lately she loves to stare at the camera and it kills me.  This is a pretty new occurance.  She's been doing it for a few weeks, since she's been able to pull herself up really well, and it cracks me up every single time.

I peeked at it today and there she was... Standing up right in front of it.  I swear she must know what it is :) 

 Getting so tired...

She flopped down onto her bottom about 3 seconds after I took this picture, rolled over and fell asleep.

Man, I love this kid.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

JoAnn Fabrics Nursery Contest

 A while back I entered this nursery contest through JoAnn Fabrics that ended on June 30th.  It was a contest of "handcrafted" nurseries so I figured I might as well enter since I made basically everything in Natalie's nursery.  Plus it only took me about 10 minutes to make the video and upload it and send it in.

I had to submit a video of Natalie's nursery, and I filmed it really quickly one day after vacuuming while I held Natalie in one arm and my phone in the other.

When I entered it, there were like 10 videos entered, but by the end of the contest there were 200.  I pretty much just forgot all about it the longer it went on because more and more videos kept being added.  The winners were supposed to be notified a few days after the contest ended, and I didn't expect to hear anything about it at all.  

And I didn't.

Until today!

I got an email around noon saying there was a tie for the winners and I was one of them!

I am so so so so excited!!!!!

Seriously ridiculously excited. 

There were TONS of adorable nurseries submitted, so I had totally convinced myself there was no possible way I would win.  So I pretty much just forgot about the contest all together... So crazy!

I think it's more exciting because I forgot all about it, and because it ended over two weeks ago so I was sure they had announced the winners already anyways.  So it was an extra big surprise :)

I'm pretty happy.  I looooooooooooove Natalie's nursery and I'm glad other people do too!

YAY!! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seven Months Old

This kid is officially growing up too fast now.

She started crawling at approximately six months and one week old.  Probably more like six months, one week and 3 days or something like that, but... she's crazy.  And awesome.  

She is pulling herself up now, too, so luckily we got that old dangerous TV stand out of here just in time.  Sometimes she gets all the way up onto her feet, sometimes just onto her knees, but it is pretty ridiculous.  I lowered her crib a few weeks ago, and I swear it was like the next day that she started pulling herself up, so I was really really happy I picked the right day to do it!

She thinks she is pretty cool stuff now that she can get wherever she wants to go, and it is adorable.
 (I had to be quick with pictures today.  She kept crawling away!)

She still "talks" all the time and I can't get enough of it.  

She's just hilarious and happy and we love the crap out of her.  

She really is super happy 95% of the time.  I love it.  It seems like ever since she was able to sit up on her own she's just gotten happier and happier about life :) Ha.   

She refuses to eat baby food or cereal for some reason.  I don't think it's even the taste that she dislikes.  As soon as she sees a spoon coming at her face she turns her head and closes her mouth so tight.  I can get her to take a few bites after about 20 minutes of fighting her/singing songs to her to trick her into smiling so I can sneak the spoon in.  SO, we're taking a break for about a week, then we'll try again.  We've tried puffs, too, and she isn't great at grabbing them, but has gotten one or two in her mouth and isn't interested.  Crazy kid.

She's on and off of her excellent sleeping habits lately.  Some nights she sleeps about 11 hours (or more) straight, sometimes she wakes up after 8 hours or so (around 4 AM) and is starving, or just wakes up for some other reason.  But she always goes back to sleep afterwards.  I swear she is having bad dreams sometimes, which is pretty sad, but always makes me wonder what she could possibly be having bad dreams about?  But overall she's still a pretty great sleeper, and just a pretty awesome kid.

 It is a little sad that she's slowly becoming less of a baby and more of a kid, but I am still excited for her to get older and start walking and talking and doing other cool things.  She cracks me up.  

We'll see what the next month brings!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dresser Turned TV Stand

So so so happy this project finally got done!  I have been planning this FOREVER so it is a relief to be finished.

I've been wanting a new TV stand since we moved into our house.  Or before that, really, but I was definitely ready for one when we got in here and settled.

As soon as Natalie was born we realized that the one we had was not going to work out for much longer.  Three tiers of glass shelves and sharp corners?  Uh, no thanks.  

So I knew I wanted to find a dresser and make it into a TV stand so we could use the drawers for storage.  

Garage sales and Goodwill weren't very successful for us in our dresser search, so my mom was going to get my old college dresser to me that she had stuck away somewhere.  We weren't sure how to get it all the way to our house from her house in Nebraska, so we kept looking here.  I went to Goodwill with Natalie one day just to look again and FINALLY found a dresser.  

This is definitely not the type I was looking for... I was hoping for more detailing, or at least something a little more interesting looking.  

But I just wanted to get this project going... And it wasn't quite as tall as the dresser my mom had for us (which was a good thing), and it was long (another good thing).  So... I bought it.

Michael and his dad went back the next day to pick it up for me and we got to work on it a few days later.

We were just going to sand it a bit, but his dad insisted that we strip it first.  So we did, and it was kind of awesome :)  

Look at how the paint bubbles up and pulls away from the wood!

So fun.  Stripping it was pretty easy and we got it pretty clear of paint.

(The holes from the previous handles also got filled in since I bought knobs instead of handles to go on there next.)

All stripped.  

Michael was still planning to sand it though, and he did a really good job.  Probably too good for the crappy paint job I did :)

Here is halfway through sanding the top.

And painted!  The top is still slightly wet and splotchy in this picture ... and really... I didn't do a great job, unfortunately.  I'm just too impatient for this stuff!  But the top definitely looks better than this in person.

 We are using the top two drawers as a shelf, so I painted inside, too.  We are putting a 1/4" board down in the top, too, so I didn't paint that part of the dresser.  The board will get painted and then we'll slide it in. 

 Old holes closed up and painted over!

I only painted four drawers since those are the only ones we are using.  I will probably paint the remaining two at some point in case we decide to ever use this as a real dresser again, but I'm not too concerned about that right now.

We brought it into the house before the handles OR that extra board for the top shelf were on.  But again... I'm impatient. And Michael said it was ok :)

But now it's FINISHED!  The handles came the day after we moved it inside and we got that bottom board in there a week or so after that...

So, here is the old TV stand...

(not a great picture of it, I realize)

And the new one!!!

 I kept these handles a secret from Michael until I got them put on.  He did actually guess that they were going to be lion's heads though... It was one of many guesses, but still.  He cheats... somehow... He knew they were something funny though because every time I would talk about them I'd giggle...

I love them.

A lot.

I love the whole dresser!  It looks sooooooooooo so so so much better.  It's taller now too so Natalie won't be able to reach the TV for a long time.  Especially since she's going to be a little shorty.
 I made this runner really quickly the other day.  I like that weave pattern and the black and white polka dots.  I let Michael choose which side he wanted facing up, and he chose the weave.

I just love it.  I'm so happy with it.  Like I said before, this is not the type of dresser I was originally searching for, but... I couldn't be any happier with it now.

Here is a side by side comparison.


We got it finished just in time, too.  Natalie is a little stinker and is pulling herself up onto anything/everything already... So I'm so so so happy we got that old dangerous TV stand out of here when we did!