Monday, June 25, 2012

Rearranging the Living Room/A New TV Stand

We rearranged our living room for the third time this weekend.  

Here is what it looked like when we moved in a year and a half ago.

Oh my gosh am I glad we no longer have that brown shag rug... I don't know what I was thinking wanting something so dark and gross :)

And here is what it looked like in January.

And now June.

 (Can we pretend I'm not watching Twilight, please?)

I think before we thought we wanted the couch blocking off the room and making sort of an entryway from the front door, but we LOVE how big and open the room is now.  And it gives Natalie much more room to move around.

So, the next (hopefully) project I do, besides maybe rearranging/making new artwork... is that TV stand.  That thing has got to go.  It was SUPPOSED to be temporary when we moved in because we got it from Michael's grandpa and we didn't really have one to use at the time... and Michael likes it... But I hate it.  Hate.  HATE.  It is a dust magnet, and the shelves are glass and I hate all of the sharp corners... All 6 of them.  And all of those things are way more annoying now that Natalie is here rolling/scooting around.  She'll be crawling any day now, so we have to get moving on it.

My mom still has this dresser that I used when I was in college... 

I was obsessed with the whole green/brown combo for years.  They were also our wedding colors and I loved it... but I'm not real excited about the colors now.

BUT, we're going to paint it, put a shelf where those two top drawers are, and use it as TV stand and video game/toy storage.

So I need to start trying to figure out how I want to paint it and what I want to do with it for sure.  I will hopefully have this dresser in my possession within a few weeks so that will be nice.  I have to get it to our house in Illinois from my mom's house about 10-11 hours away in Nebraska.  We're working on it...

I can't wait to get that old TV stand out of here though.  It's going to be so nice. 

So now I'm brainstorming on colors and we'll possibly do new handles... If for some reason this dresser doesn't make it here we will still be using a dresser of some sort.  That's what I'm hoping for, at least.  Until my mom told me she still had this dresser I had been searching garage sales for a good one but have so far been unsuccessful.

Anyway.  I can't wait for a new TV stand whenever we get it finished!  Yay.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Months

Natalie is six months old!

...And I'm starting to get depressed about her birthday.  Not because she's getting older or anything, but because I have NO idea how we're going to throw a birthday party for her and make it feel special when her birthday is the week before Christmas.  Ugh.  Stressful, I tell ya.

But we'll figure it out I'm sure.


This kid is pretty hilarious and adorable.  All you have to do is look at her and she gives you a huge smile.

Ever since we got her ear infections dealt with, she's been sleeping amazingly well again.  Sometimes she'll still take a really short nap every once in a while and throws her off her schedule a bit, but I can handle that.  She sleeps close to 11 hours a night and I am enjoying it just a tiny bit.  She definitely sleeps at least 10 hours of a night, sometimes it's even close to 12... like last night.  She's awesome.

And she is so dang cute.

She's up on her hands and knees now but not crawling yet.  She scoots backwards all around the living room but hasn't quite figured out how to move forwards.  We're going to have to get moving on the whole baby-proofing-the-house thing.  We haven't done anything yet, but our living room is kind of closed off and pretty safe for her so there isn't much that needs done until she's really moving.  

She has no interest in food... We've worked our way through all of the vegetables and she seemed to like sweet potatoes and peas the most, but she just doesn't care to eat more than a few spoonfuls of anything.  Not crazy about cereal either... We're starting fruits today so we'll see how that goes.

She is just so much more active over this past month.  She's entertaining herself much better with toys lately so that's fun too.  Michael's parents brought her some ''half birthday'' presents and now I'm a little terrified for her actual birthday.  I am going to be a stickler on how many toys she's allowed to receive and everyone is going to hate me, but... I'm pretty serious about limiting what they are allowed to buy :) Michael thinks I'm a jerk for wanting to ban people from buying her toys, but I think until she really knows what's going on it is totally ridiculous to buy her tons of toys... Which in my opinion isn't for a few more years...  We will see if it works.  It probably won't.

We got her a little pool and she's been sitting in that a lot over the last couple of weeks and LOVES it.  She just loves to be outside, but the pool is definitely a bonus.  

(P.S. Remember when I got this suit for $1 at the Dollar Tree?  It was size 18-24 months which had to be WAY off, but I did shorten the straps a few inches.  Yes, I'm that cheap. I love the little anchors, though.)

She has a little swing hanging from our tree by the driveway and she likes that too.  I am happy she likes to be outside.  It's too bad I dislike summer so much (I melt in the heat)... I want her to be outside as much as possible.  I'll try to not hate it so much for her sake.

She had a hat from baby Gap that got returned because it was just way too big.  But we have a new one that's pretty similar.  It doesn't have a flower though so I'm going to either make or buy one to put on it.  That Gap one was just too cute.

She's a pretty stinking good baby and we love her a ton.  She is my buddy and I talk to her constantly... even when we're in public and I am pretty sure people think I'm totally insane just carrying on a conversation with a baby.  But too bad.  It's not going to stop.

I just love watching her figure more and more things out.  Everyone keeps saying ''enjoy this stage because soon she'll be all over the place and she'll be exhausting''... I know this, but I'm still excited for the crawling and the walking and all the trouble making.  Yes I'll get frustrated, but I'm pretty sure if I can handle working in day cares for like 9 years I'll survive this. 

I'm excited.  I like her.  She's awesome.  The End.

P.S. Happy Father's Day!!! We got to Skype with my dad this morning and Michael gets to test out his new grill this afternoon with his mom and dad.  Should be a good day.