Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nursery Ideas

Alright people.

After my ridiculous post years ago about possible nursery ideas (that I wrote out of complete boredom... and I'm not impressed with at all anymore)... I get to make a REAL post about possible nursery ideas and get to make REAL decisions becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause:

We've got a little baby coming in December who would probably appreciate a really cute room to sleep in!
(Which means I would REALLY enjoy decorating a really cute room for him/her to sleep in)

Woo hoo!

We are ridiculously excited and it has been a loooong time coming, let me tell ya.

I'm insanely excited about decorating the nursery and I have a TON of ideas already.

I've got a few things I don't think I'll change my mind on, such as having a white crib (which Michael makes a face about when I mention it) and other little things.

But, how in the world are you supposed to decide on colors?!   I honestly have no idea.  I want to keep it pretty gender neutral, but I'm sure when we find out if it's a boy or a girl we'll add a few gender specific touches to it.

Anyways, these are some nurseries that I am loving for one reason or another.


(click the pictures to go to the websites for more pictures)
I want a cute wall arrangement of some sort, and I like this one.  I like the chair as well, and we have a lamp very very similar to that one.

This is the same room.  I love canvases wrapped in fabric and I'm sure there will be a few of these in there.  And those twigs remind me of the mobile I've been drooling over for like 3 years... not even kidding.

I love it... and it's such a fun/easy way to bring in more colors and fun patterned fabric without going overboard.

 I really like the yellow and aqua together.

I love the yellow chevron curtains, the rocker, and the pouf from CB2.

 This room is too much for me, but I think it would be really cute to make a few of these clouds for the wall behind the crib or something.

I love this.  I love the turquoise lamp and the pillows on the chair and the yellow wall and changing pad cover.  Cuteness.

I like how the turquoise isn't really used anywhere else in the room.  I love random pops of color.

I love these curtains! I have been thinking about buying that fabric and making these curtains for our bedroom lately, so I got excited finding this picture.

Navy is definitely at the top of my list of color choices.

We've got this rug upstairs, but it would definitely look cute in a nursery!  Maybe we'll have to swap rugs...

I find so many pictures of this bird mobile that people have made and it makes me really excited to make mine!

I definitely want to make a quilt/play mat (or two) and I like how simple this one is.

I love that corner ''cloud''!  So fun.

I'd like to do a space for some chalkboard or magnetic paint on a wall somewhere, too...

I definitely want bookshelves of some sort in there, I do like these hanging ones, but I have seen lots of others that I like too.  I'd be happy with pretty much any sort of shelving though I think.  But I love fabric with fun colors and patterns, so this is cool.

And it's a good way to add a different color to the room if we wanted to.

I think those prints on the wall are hilarious, especially the ''Crying is for Babies'' one. I love the grey crib and all of the colors.  I am a chicken when it comes to color so I would have a hard time doing this, but it looks so cute.

I like a lot about this room, but the striped wall and the chair and ottoman are my favorites.  The ottoman especially I think.

I don't want a typical baby rocking chair, but most that are like the one above are super expensive and I'm not all about spending tons of money on this nursery... But I found one from Walmart that is cheaper than most normal rocking chairs so I'm super excited!  I've never seen one like that for less than $500 before.

It won't let me post a picture so go check out the link and prepare to be amazed at the price.  If you aren't amazed, most chairs like that are usually like $700, $800 and up to $1500... Ridiculous.

I love the chevron fabric on the outside of the crib bumper, I LOVE the print, I love the striped wall again, I love the simpleness of the whole room.  I'm not a huge fan of orange, but I like this a lot. 

This is a color combination I keep going back to.  I've got a thing for navy lately (is that chair navy or black? I guess it looks more black now, but let's pretend like it's navy), and I love grey and yellow together... and our walls are already grey and probably aren't going to be changed. 

And I am DEFINITELY making one of these.

I like this IKEA expedit shelf as a changing table, and it is super useful storage, too, which I'm sure will be used for a long time.  Definitely not a huge fan of the colors... They look adorable, but they're just not for me.  But I love the shelf and the frames.

I love this nursery.  The colors are awesome and all of the little details are so cute.

Again with the cute expedit shelving, and I LOVE the rug.  And how cute is that chair?

The wall color and the pops of the pink/peach look awesome together.  Again, not sure I'd do it, but I LOVE the pictures.

These next few are just off of my computer and I'm not sure where I found them so I can't put a link to them... Sorry.

 More cute prints.

 First of all, I wish the room was going to be this huge, but... not even close.  I'm mostly sharing this because I love the fabric on the couch, and the chalkboard wall only on the lower half of the wall.  So fun.

 Such a cute footstool, crib, and I love the pom poms above the crib.  Definite possibility.

 I'm obsessed with how cute these curtains are.

Ok, well that is all for now! 

Don't worry, there will be many more of these :) I have about a billion ideas running through my head, but I'm sure it will change many times before it's actually time to start putting any of these ideas to use.

But Pinterest is proving to be very helpful with organizing some of them...

I am just so incredibly excited to start decorating it, it's not even funny.  It will be fun to start making baby things, too.  I'll have to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine... it's been a while.

It will be super exciting to find out what ''accent'' colors we'll get to add to our mostly gender neutral nursery.

Pink or blue?  We'll have to wait and see!