Friday, December 31, 2010

Flea Markets are my new best friend.

Michael and I have been hitting up flea markets lately... Well, really just today and yesterday... and we've only been to 2, but still.

We got this shelf from my sister, who got it from my mom and I have been trying to think of what to put on it since she gave it to me.

It is actually an old printer's drawer, but I always see them as shelves and think they look so cool.

I didn't know what I should put on it. My mom had one when we were growing up and she always had little old knick knacks on it and I always thought they were so cool... so I thought maybe I'd just start looking for stuff like that.

Then Michael mentioned using skeleton keys to hang on hooks by our front door just to look cool... so then I decided that putting old keys on that shelf might look kinda cool too.

So that's what inspired our flea market trips.

We went to one last night that was really cool but CROWDED and it was so hard to look at everything... We didn't really find any keys at all so it was kind of a bummer. But Michael did find a ginormous Schlitz mug that he thought was pretty awesome. He loves Schlitz stuff, so he bought it and is planning on drinking out of it tonight for our New Year's celebration.

This will hold about 64 ounces of Schlitz. I might be in for an interesting night... and Michael might be sleeping on the couch :)

Today's trip was much more successful. We ended up finding a rack that had a bunch of old keys hanging on it, so we picked a few of those and thought we'd just leave happy with them. But then I found an entire jar of keys and could see that there were some old ones in there that looked kinda cool. We really only found one actual skeleton key, the rest are just old looking but still neat.

The design on this one is cool.

These are the ones we bought separate, and they are definitely the coolest of the bunch, but I'm still happy we bought the jar too.

I also came home with this bird's nest candle holder.

I saw a few of these there, and it's not that amazing or anything... but I want to spray paint it white and then I think it will be much cuter.

I also got this cheese server...

but I thought I'd spray paint the bottom of that white, too, and then find something to put in there and just use it as a decoration somewhere. I have been looking for something more like these that are taller:

I think they actually sell things like this at Hobby Lobby and those types of places... but it's more fun to find them at a flea market or garage sale or somewhere like that.

And always see people do such cute things with them like this family tree craft on Martha Stewart's website.

I don't think I would get quite that creative with mine if I had a tall skinny one, but it definitely looks good.

I just looked up glass dome on Etsy and found this...

This is identical to mine, no? And they are selling it for $52 when I bought mine for $2??? Craziness.

Maybe I should try to make a living buying things at flea markets and selling them on Etsy.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be going back to these flea markets (and hopefully some new ones) on a fairly regular basis. I looooove looking through stuff like that. We were in each of them for a long long time, but I could have stayed in there for so much longer. I feel like we should've made 2 or 3 laps around just to make sure we saw everything. There was so much to see.

But we had to get home to Dexter so he doesn't hate us. He's been behaving himself much better over the last few days. He's so dang cute... Except when he pees/poops in the house then I tell him he's going to get thrown in the garbage. I'm pretty sure that shaped him up :)

Have a terriffic New Year's!!

Christmas number 3 for us on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sticks, Leaves, Tree... Yes yes and yes.

Ohhhh I wish I would've seen these Woodland Snowflakes at Apartment Therapy sooner. There are so many things I have in mind that I want to do for next Christmas and this is one of them.

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I am with trees, leaves, sticks and everything of that sort? I seriously am.

I would live in a tree if I could...

Who wants to buy me some last minute Christmas presents???

I'll take these:


I actually have these pillows in white from IKEA, but I like the gray fabric too :)


My new home(s):

Do yourselves a favor and google "tree house", relax and enjoy.

This is my new dream :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dexter's New Wardrobe

Definitely done baking.

I made a tray for Michael to take to work today and he was mad that I put so much on there because he thinks he will eat it all, but I made SO much stuff we've got tons left over. I made 2 trays to take to his parent's house for Christmas Eve and packed FOUR tins full of stuff to take to my sisters and to some friends and there is still a bunch left. So I guess I'm just going to take all of it over to his parents house and try to leave it there with them :)

I guess we'll be going to Michael's Aunt and Uncle's house on Christmas day so I can probably take some there too. I just want to get rid of this stuff!

I love making this stuff but I wish I could make it and have it out of my house within the same day :)

I had to run to Target today to get a couple of totes so that I can organize our closets a little better, and I always have to walk through and look at the dollar bins... and they had dog jackets and shirts int here and they were too cute to resist...

I got him a little brown corduroy jacket, a little white shirt with a Christmas tree on it that he is DEFINITELY wearing on Christmas day :) , and a little green shirt with a hood... Too cute...

And I put a bow on his head :) Ha. He kept trying to eat it so I had to get it out of the way.......

He is so cute! :)

He is being so naughty today though... driving me crazy...

Ok, back to cleaning.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Treats and Our Gift Exchange

Well, I think I'm done baking. I am so ready for our kitchen to be clean and have everything put away... Ah. Hopefully part of that will happen tonight and the rest of it tomorrow. Things are still sitting out to cool/dry.

I love frosting cookies with royal icing. Some day I will get more creative with it and do more details, but I wasn't really in the mood to try that today.

I made LOTS of chocolate covered treats, and not enough cookies... but that's ok. People better be happy with whatever they get!

I'll start with the chocolate covered stuff that I did Friday, Saturday and yesterday:

Candy Cane Kiss Pretzels

Christmas bark with toffee bits and M&M's

I thought it would look kind of fun if I just made little dots all over these... I think it does look kinda cute, but also a little creepy... What do you think?

I didn't make nearly as many chocolate ones and didn't feel like doing the polka dots. But I always like doing the drizzling too.

Chocolate Covered pretzels... ignore how sloppy they look.

Michael bought me a silicone cupcake/muffin pan/mold for Christmas, and I had lots of extra almond bark after all of this stuff was done so I poured just a little bit in each cupcake spot and topped it with chopped up M&M's and toffee bits... they taste delicious and are pretty cute with their little snowman faces :)

I broke a few of them on the first pan, but after that I got the hang of it and only ended up breaking 2 or 3 heads out of the 4 or 5 pans I made.

I was in the kitchen taking pictures of all of this stuff while Michael was making bacon. He was like ''Take a picture of this!''... So I did...

Mmm... Bacon.

Back to the chocolate...

Oreo balls... I'm told they are pretty tasty :)

I saw these HERE and thought they looked good... Mine did not turn out as good... My corn flakes did not get coated properly I don't think because you can see the yellow through the green, butttt... oh well. They will be fine. They're still pretty cute I think.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

The trees turned out the best.

Little Sugar Cookies

I'm so happy I'm done. I can't wait to start passing this stuff out to people and get it out of here :)

Alright, so Michael and I are insanely impatient and we exchanged Christmas presents on Saturday night. We had actually made a plan to do it on Sunday because we knew we weren't going to be able to wait... we are 5 years old if you didn't know...

Well I was REALLY glad I had made those bags to hang up with our stockings because it turns out I don't follow the rules either. Hardly any of my presents for him fit in his stocking. I made those things way too small apparently... but everything fit either in the bag or the stocking so I was happy!

Well... look at how much Michael SOOO does not follow the rules...

Ha. He is ridiculous.

Maybe next year we won't make the rule that everything has to fit in the stocking because we both obviously suck at it :)

But it was fun. And now I'm even more excited for Christmas! I just like giving people presents...

And it was a good thing we did open presents that night because he gave me a lot of Christmas cookie cutters that I got to use yesterday :)

Perfect timing.