Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm working on another quilt. Since I've already started cutting the pieces, I obviously have the layout already figured out. But I keep finding so many other quilts that are adorable that I wish I had done instead. I know I'll be happy with mine once I'm done, but look at how cute these are!!!!

Click the pictures to go to the websites.

I love the pillows, too.

Here are a couple example squares of my future quilt. I am not very happy with them, but I have hundreds more strips to cut (literally, and unfortunately) so hopefully I'll come across some more good fabric and they'll turn out better.

I'm not sure how many squares I have ready to go right now, but I have to make 48 total, so... I know I've got a ways to go.

I have a bunch of pre-cut Amy Butler fabric that I'm using for the center squares and I'm really excited about those. I bought them here a few months ago and have been waiting to use them for something. I made a pair of baby booties out of a couple of them for a friend of mine. If I ever get ahold of a picture of her wearing them I will definitely share it.

Here they are not on the feet of an adorable little baby.

Even though these turned out really cute, I will never again try to make booties out of 2 five inch squares of fabric... it was a pain in the butt working with such a small scrap. But I'm happy I got to make one pair out of them! And somehow I had green knit fabric that matched them perfectly, and I have acquired quite the collection of felt, so I used gray felt for the bottoms. She won't be walking in them so felt is pretty perfect, but if you made booties/slippers big enough for mobile babies, you'd need something non slippery like leather.

I don't have much else going on.

I've got a painting to do for a friend of my sister... I should probably start that one of these days so I can get it done. I hope it turns out ok because she is giving it to her brother as a wedding gift. So much pressure! Yipe.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Total Tote

I ordered this bag from Amazon for my Cuttlebug and it came yesterday!

It is made by Creative Options, and it was only $13! I've seen them sold for up to $40, which I don't really understand... Why is this one so cheap? No clue. But I'm happy it is.

I have all of the plates in the front pocket, and I was kind of amazed that they all fit in there. And there is even room to spare!

I was so excited to get it. The Cuttlebug fits perfectly (even with the handle sticking out) and it even matches the inside of the bag (sort of)! Awesome.

As you can see, that separator comes out so you have more room. But the Cuttlebug fits in the bag perfectly fine with it in there, so I think I'm going to leave it in. Plus with it in there, it gives me more pockets to put things in!

I have all of my embossing folders in that pouch. But I have no idea where to put all of my cutting dies. I know I could fit all of them in the bag somehow, but I don't want to just shove them all in the random pockets. There are TONS of pockets in this bag, by the way. I love it.

I don't even have very many dies, but I still don't know what to do with them. I know I don't have to fit them all in the bag, but it would be really nice if I could. I suppose I'll just have to settle with keeping them all in their own container. Oh well.

I'm happy with it. I am sure I will rearrange the contents of the bag multiple times before I am satisfied with the placement of everything, but lucky for me I'm a loser and I enjoy that kind of thing.

Fun stuff.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fabric covered cork board and buttons/thumbtacks

I have had this corkboard laying around for over a year now (we brought it down here when we moved in last April and it's never been used), and I figured it would give me a good chance to make those fabric covered thumb tacks. So I did it!

I didn't really use a tutorial when I covered the cork board. I figured I'd just kind of make it up as I went along, which didn't turn out to be a very good idea.

But this one is pretty close to how I did mine if you want to check it out.

I didn't have any spray adhesive or anything like that to spray onto the cork board before I started, so I just used a hot glue gun to put glue around the sides of the board and then pressed the fabric as tightly as I could to the edges of the board. I suppose it looks alright, but if it gets a tear in it anywhere, it's basically done for since it isn't attached to the board anywhere but the sides. The fabric will just keep ripping and unraveling and I will be sad. But... cork boards are pretty cheap, and if I can actually find some use for this one, I'll probably just go buy a new one and try again. And do it right this time.

So anyways, here are some pictures of the process. I have pictures of the tacks also.

I wanted to make more of them but I ran out of buttons.


Gluing and pressing the fabric as tight as I can get it.

All glued. I cut off as much extra fabric as I could, but didn't take a picture of what it looked like after I did that. It wasn't pretty.

Making the tacks.

Making these was seriously somewhat addicting. They look so cute and it could not have been any easier.

I love them :)

I did run into a problem when it came time to glue the tacks onto the back. I should have pulled those metal loops off the back of the buttons before I covered them with fabric... but I wasn't thinking, and I just didn't do it. I tried to pull one off after I had the buttons finished, but it just wasn't happening. So I bent them down with pliers as best as I could, and then just glued the tacks off to the side. It worked out fine, but next time I'll take them off first.

You would definitely have to have them completely off if you wanted to make magnets though I think.

I found a big pack of magnets at Michaels for $2 so maybe if I can find some more buttons to cover I'll make magnets one of these days.

I put ribbon around the edges to cover up the rough edges of the fabric that stuck out. It looks alright. I tried to find cute ribbon, but I also didn't really want to spend any money, so I just bought this blue stuff for 56 cents. It works.

So that's it!

I love the tacks, but the cork board isn't my favorite. It's definitely better than it was before though, so I'm happy.

P.S. I bought this Wallpaper book at Borders this weekend for $4 and I kind of love it. I want more cheap books.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Thumb?

Here's what I did tonight:

After work, I made Michael drive me around looking for succulent plants so that I can plant them and potentially kill them in approximately 2 weeks. I really hope they live, but if not they were only $2. But I love them, so I want them to live.

We also bought two planters for our deck and I planted some marigolds.

Here are some pictures of the process. If Michael ever reads this, I definitely did NOT spill soil all over the carpet... but really I did. I had to watch Gossip Girl, so I did all of this on the living room floor. Probably not the smartest idea in the world, but it worked. And we have a vacuum.

Oh, another thing... I wanted some really cute containers to plant these in besides just normal pots... so I went to Salvation Army and bought 2 tea cups, 1 candle holder (which I really am just going to use as a candle holder, but it was cute so I got it) and I got 2 other things... Here they are:

The total should've been somewhere around $7 or $8, but I got all 5 of them for $1.49! Craziness. I didn't ask questions. The woman was really rude, too, but getting some new cute succulent containers for less than $2 sort of made up for the rudeness.

Ok... now here are the pictures for real:

The supplies.

That purple pot is one I got for $1 at Target a while ago... I have a green and yellow one too, but I didn't want to use them for the succulents since I bought those Salvation Army cups/containers.

The purple one is my favorite though, so I wanted to use it.

I think they are pretty darn cute. I hope they survive!!!

I realize the marigolds didn't get much attention, but they really did turn out cute also. I planted those in one of the planters we bought, then in the other one I planted some Dahlia seeds. So I'm hoping those turn out good too.

I love flowers.

And I love my succulents!

The ones in the glass containers will have to stay inside the apartment. I don't want them to get broken out on the deck. So they are in our bedroom window sill right now. The purple pot gets to live happily outside though.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, to appease my one and only reader I figured it was time for a new post... I have no idea what this is going to turn into because I have nothing exciting going on here and I've been lazy and boring lately and haven't been making anything cool.



Ok, here's what I'm going to do.

I've got hundreds (really, it's pretty sad) of websites bookmarked into a "Craft Stuff" folder on our computer, so I'm going to go through them and post some of my favorite crafts that I may or may not be trying to make at some point in my life... hopefully soon, because I'm dying to do something crafty.

So here they are...

Some of my favorite craft projects at the moment:

  • Glass Etching

I own nothing glass that I particularly want to etch, but... this is so cute that it makes me want to find something. I think it would make a cute gift too if you could find the right thing, and personalized it somehow? A cute wedding gift maybe?? I don't know.

Here is the tutorial. It seems pretty simple!

  • Fabric Covered Magnets

I have no excuse for not having made any of these yet. I have plenty of buttons and PLENTY of fabric to make lots of cute magnets... You can also make these into thumbtacks very easily, which is definitely what I will do if I ever end up making these. Just glue a thumbtack on the back instead of a magnet. Again... simple! And so cute.


  • Felt Heart Pins

These might not be the most exciting craft on the list, but they are just so cute I couldn't leave it off. And I really do love felt, I don't know what it is... it's just fun. I don't have much else to say about these.

Go here to make your own.

  • Coasters made from tiles and paper napkins

I am always kind of weary when using mod podge on things that are going to get wet... I'm assuming it works just fine because people do it all the time, but I am always afraid it's going to end up getting gooey and ruining whatever it is that I just made. But these might be worth a try. I'm sure you could use cardstock or other decorative paper instead of napkins, too. I'm pretty picky about stuff like this, but these could make a cute gift... but maybe just for your mom or grandma because they have to love you even if they turn out crappy.


  • Custom Magazine Files

I think these are so impressive! I love things to be organized, and magazine files make me so so happy. I am totally going to make some of these, you just wait. It will be fun to get to pick all kinds of different paper to use on these... exciting!

Erin, if you look at the bottom it says they come out to costing around $.56 each! :)

However, I do think these could end up being a little tricky. And you would definitely want to do a good job on them so that they are sturdy enough.

Take a look.

  • Fabric Bookmarks

There is no tutorial for these, but they're pretty self explanatory... glue some pretty fabric onto some cardstock. Punch a hole in the top and tie on a ribbon. Tada!

  • Wall Art made from foam

I think these are really cool. Whenever I think we need some new art on our walls I just go paint something, but it would be fun to have something different to hang up. And these seem easy and inexpensive enough not to try eventually. I don't think we have any more room in our apartment for something like this, but maybe some day I'll give it a shot.


  • Bird Mobile

This is something that I saw a long time ago and have been saving and re-saving and refusing to delete because I want to make it for my future child. I just think it's adorable, and I'm not a huge fan of most mobiles... but this one is precious and unique. And I love it.

There is a pattern for the bird, but other than that you're on you own.

Little Boxy Pouch

Hey! Here's something I actually made! This is not my picture obviously, because mine did not turn out nearly this good. I made mine a lot longer and I keep it in my purse for all my random necessities... like about 100 peppermints. It really is packed full of peppermints right now and I'm not real sure why. But it was really simple... and definitely useful!


I could go on and on. I've got so many fun possibilities, I just need to finally pick something and do it! I tend to just stick to painting when I'm in the mood to make something... I think it is time to try something new.

So hopefully one of these days I'll be back with some pictures of some things I've actually made myself... other than just drooling over other people's creations.

Erin, did this satisfy you at all? You do know you're the only one who reads this, right? Maybe Kristin does... Do you? Hello??

We'll see if I can get an answer out of her.

Anywayyys.... I'm done!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I could do this for days...

"I love beautiful things. I love to surround myself with things that radiate happiness and beauty. Jane came home from school one day with a large branch of cherry blossoms. The colors were vibrant and gorgeous. Simple things like that allow me to feel special, happy, loved, and most of all... my favorite... feminine. We are women of a God who delights in his daughters to feel beautiful and adored. Whatever that is to you personally, don't let it go undone. It is in you safe and warm and no one can take that away from one."
-Stephanie Nielson

She's one of my favorites.

Here are some things that make me happy to look at... from other people's lives...

I could do this forever:

I love when things are organized and color coordinated. Mmm..

This wooden box is MUCH cuter than the tupperware container I have my paints in...

I just like to look at these dresses.

So. Pretty.

I need a bed like this. Right now.

I love chandeliers...

Can I live here? Please???

If I don't stop myself now, I would be here all day...

Maybe some day I'll take my own pictures.

All of these pictures came from here and here.